The Below is a solo project from the bass player of the infamous industrial ensemble Dr. Evil & The Boys From Below (active between 1985 and 1992). After the group disbanded, there were no plans to continue playing and all instruments were either trashed or stored away. 

A couple of years ago, bad health struck with part-time long-term sick leave as a result. To fill the time, The Below was born. Some old instruments were dusted off, and the possibilities of the iPad were explored.

Since then, a couple of singles have been released sporadically. The previous single “Change is Coming (feat. Felix Lidforsen),” a tribute to Greta Thunberg, turned out to be quite controversial. Incomprehensible that a young girl’s engagement in the environmental issues could trigger so much intense hatred.

For the new single ”No Place is Safe,” a blistering, anti-war song, The Below has teamed up with vocalist Aaron Sutcliffe.

A lot of new material is written, and hopefully, we will see a couple more songs, and maybe a full album, released during 2021.

On their new video, The Below explain its context with the following quote:

“I originally wrote ‘No Pace is Safe’ in the midst of the terrifying and shocking Gaza war 2014. Unfortunately, the situation in Gaza hasn’t improved much since then, and the conflict flares up regularly. The lyrics are based on the horrifying events during the summer of 2014 but could almost as easily be about later conflicts, or for that matter any other war.

“It’s always the civilians, and particularly the children, that suffer the most from all wars. The recording of the track was completed during the autumn 2020 with the help of the vocalist Aaron Sutcliffe, who did a fantastic job.”

Photo courtesy of The Below.

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