It’s retro, it’s horrifying, and it’s a whole lotta fun. We can’t get enough of The Brains’ “Satana Trantula” from their album of the same name, out now via Cleopatra Records.

The video was inspired by films like Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, a badass, female protagonist who doesn’t take any shit,” says Rena D La Muerte.
The Brains continue their theme of combing retro, horror-inspired lyrics with high-energy, punk-infused, rockabilly on this album of all-new songs plus a superb cover of the ’80s classic “Electric Avenue!”
Includes special guest appearances by rockabilly legend Danny B. Harvey (The Head Cat, Swing Cats), Tim Öhrström (Avatar), Patricia Day (Horrorpops) and more!
The Brains have never been a band to follow the rules. In fact, they’ve made a point of utterly destroying every one of them with each album they release and every show they play. These hardworking road warriors have brought their eye-popping live show to the four corners of the globe.
The band have played packed houses throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico and the United States alongside acts like Rancid, Mad Sin, Nekromantix, The Offspring, The Reverend Horton Heat, and many more. They stand out as a group to watch by constantly striving to increase proficiency in their craft.
It hasn’t been enough for The Brains to earn countless awards and secure number-one spots on music television programs; they are now hell-bent on world domination. Raise your glass and join them in their battle cry for MORE BRAINS!
Snag the record here or here.

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