With a continuously evolving sound, Denver, Colorado pop-rock trio The BRKN step away from their original brand of pop-punk delivered on their debut, No. 3, and bring a more infectious pop-rock sound.

In the vein of previous releases, like “Be Cool” and “Calm Down,” and “Lovers,” “Lost Boy,” out May 4 through Right Brain Music Group / INgrooves, is filled with great grooves, tight production, and melodic pop charm.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Lost Boy” below:

The BRKN are currently wrapping up production on a brand-new EP, to be released later this summer and are looking forward to getting back out on the road.

On the track’s release, guitarist MJ Younkers states:

“I really loved writing this one with the guys. The song has that “happy sound, sad lyrics” kind of thing going on and that could honesty sum up a lot of what we do musically. Communicating emotion through music is one of the greatest opportunities we have as a band and we really strive to express that well.

The process of writing this song in the studio really flowed well. Some songs take a long time to nail down, this one came together nicely and I’m really happy with where it has ended up.”

Pre-order “Lost Boy” here.

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