Out on their self-titled album, out now on A Diamond Heart Production and directed by Melissa Yu and produced by Ting Ting Took These, The Damed’s “Ritual Revolution is out now.

The Damed are an unapologetic punk band that formed in Los Angeles in 2018, founded and fronted by guitarist/vocalist Heather Hellskiss, bassist Suzanne Slade, and drummer Watts Yoshizawa.

Angular, stricken guitar riffs soaked in chorus and fuzz feed the brooding, driving bass lines that weave between the tom-ridden, disco-punk surf beats. The sarcastic, aggressive lyrics are thrust at you like knives while still maintaining a comforting, catchy melody.

The Damed write songs about feminism, social politics, equal rights, and are fueled by angst caused by the Trump administration and their complicit allies. Their live show and music have been compared to the likes of Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney.

“‘Ritual Revolution’ is a song about real covens of witches around the world that participate in a mass occult by casting binding spells over each waning moon to try and remove the president from office so he will stop doing harm to others,” the band says. “In the video, the sorcerer symbolizes the president, and we, the witches, are fighting back in self-defense to stand up for human rights at all costs to take our power back from the Trump administration.

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