The Fallaways are proud to announce their latest video, “Feelin’ Low,” from their new record, Sunset Ave, out July 17.

The video concept was put together by our friend Andrew Hunter who has done a lot of work for us in the past,” says Jason Koster. “Since I showed him “Feelin’ Low” back in early 2019, he always talked about doing a video for it. With all the COVID stuff happening over the last few months, he thought of a concept that would work without all of us having to be in the same room, and it’s a very cool, ’90s-esq, one-of-a-kind concept.”

Sunset Ave showcases a different side of the band, illuminating their diverse skills. More emotional material is featured and the tone suits them. Every single has a corresponding video providing a full sensorial experience. The Fallaways represent everything good, fun, and honest about the holy genre of punk rock.

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