Video Premiere: The Inside Out – ‘Teeth’

Emo/indie rock outfit The Inside Out are back with a new song and video, “Teeth,” self-described as “dark disco, anger, and overwhelming confusion, bite-versus-bark, and all the crazy shit in my head,” by founding member James Howard.

The band stays true to the late-’90s, early-2000s indie and emo rock they were influenced by on the new track, complete with a new video shot and edited by No Head Collective.

Howard dives deeper into the making of the track, “We wrote this song for fun getting weird and drunk on our guitarist Zach’s birthday; we recorded it with broken guitar amps and mics at his apartment.  Andi, our drummer, filled in the gaps making the song nice and dance ready with some spicy dance beats.  John, our beloved missing link, is the only alien I know who can rip this bass line live and give Zach’s impressive writing the sonic signature it deserves.”

Watch the video for “Teeth” here:

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Photo courtesy of The Inside Out 

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