After releasing the single “A Liar in the Sun”, The Mills are back with the video of the song directed by Marco Billo. Morris and the band give us a scream of rebirth, an admission of guilt, a new chance. The formula brings a fresh sound that is heavily influenced by the UK music scene.

Morris describes the video as “a growing awareness of myself, I don’t have to be the same person I was in the past. All the dots are coming together and with The Mills I’m try to express my atonement and mission statement. I closed many doors, and now I see the power of new perspectives”.

The Mills were born at the beginning of 2019, and they’re Morris ‘s latest project who tried to rework his demons like “if they were on a hammock in a gas station”. The debut album Cerise was released in 2020 via OverDub Recording. The band, in the meantime focused around Morris and the bass player Augusto Dalle Aste, seen the subsequent inclusion of Piero Pederzolli on drums and Federico Lederon lead guitar. In Spring 2021 they signed to Dischi Soviet Studio for the second LP, releasing the title track single Useless. 


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