DC punks The Mostly Dead have a split out today with Virginians The Donalds. The split is called Too Handsome, it’s out via Settle For It Records. And wouldn’t you know it, you can check out one of TMD’s songs from their side of the split along with a brand new video on our site. Like right now! It’s below. What a concept! A music magazine showing off a new video by a punk band? Stop the presses! We have a new headline!

Check out our premiere of The Mostly Dead’s video “As Human As Human” below:

When you stop humming “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie to your self, you can scroll down and read what the band you’re supposed to be focusing on has to say about their new song and music video. Take your Ritalin, get your shit together, and check out The Mostly Dead’s quote below.

“The lyrics to “As Human As Human” started organically at practice with a few key phrases, but when I sat down to finish them it became clear I was writing about how toxic our society has become. I used the word cancer as a catch all for this social toxicity,” noted Zak, “soon after, my oldest brother was diagnosed with leukemia. The song began to take on a double meaning as it evolved and the lyrical imagery became a coping mechanism to deal with both the potential loss of my brother and the very real degradation of American society. Back in March of 2020, my brother lost his battle. Now when I hear or play this song, I feel that loss and dread. It’s become very personal and very cathartic.”

Get a copy of The Mostly Dead’s split Too Handsome here.


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