The Pretty Flowers’ latest video, “The Long Con,” plays with indie tropes in a unique and subversive way.

In the emotionally subversive “The Long Con,” Noah Green of Los Angeles indie/punk band The Pretty Flowers sings, “And a good rain is gonna wash this town away” while bass and drums stomp into a furious ascension as dirty lead guitar lines warble and bend. The track might shatter the rose-colored artificiality of the city as a metaphor for our false smiles, or vice versa.

Lyrically, “The Long Con” is about living in a world where lies have become accepted fact. Part proto- and post-punk forward but unabashedly embracing iconic garden rock and pop motifs in their blend, The Pretty Flowers make cross-generational divergent rock, which has made them a constant in the L.A. music scene.

Always and forever, Noah Green (guitar / vocals), Sam Tiger (bass), Jake Gideon (guitar), and Sean Johnson (drums) are content to not jump on indie rock tropes but make sounds that will likely become tropes in the future.

Ahead of their new, full-length record due later this year, while sheltering in their respective homes, the band thought it would be a good time to share an early mix of “The Long Con,” only available with the accompanying video of the studio performance (shot by Matthew Johnson) with live footage (shot by Mike Batista), and all of it edited by Sean Johnson.

The sophomore (yet unnamed) full-length was recorded at Studio Red in North Hollywood by Adam Lasus, who has produced albums for Helium, Happyness, CYHSY, Madder Rose, and Dumptruck. Additional recording was/is being done by Jake Gideon at Awesome Possum Studio in Alhambra, California.

The Pretty Flowers will be donating 30 percent of sales from throughout the month of April to the COVID-19 Patient Care and PPE Fund at UCLA Health.

“Since we are all ordered to stay at home until who knows when and aren’t able to continue working on the next record, we decided to share with you a new song and accompanying video called ‘The Long Con,'” the band explained. “We used a rough mix of the song and paired it with studio and live footage shot by close friends over the last year, and it was edited by our drummer, Sean Johnson. We look forward to playing live again and finishing this record. Thanks for listening and watching.”

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