Video Premiere: The Shining Tongues – ‘It Is Fear’

The Shining Tongues are a new project from The Infinite Three’s Daniel Knowler and ahead of the upcoming debut album under the new name, Milk Of God, out October 15, they are releasing their new song and video, “It Is Fear.”

The Shining Tongues have Knowler reconnecting with bassist Sam Mclaughlin in the new, collaborative project and bringing the previous band’s post-punk experimentation to new heights, with an element of atmospheric, gothic folkiness.

Knowler chats more about the album, which draws on themes of dream imagery, life cycles, religion, and the body, “Milk Of God is the culmination of the first phase of The Shining Tongues’ work, and after a decade of The Infinite three coming to an end, this album feels like a rebirth of sorts.”

He adds some context about the new track, “The song seemed to appear suddenly one morning after a vivid dream about falling off a church roof. The lyrics, as well as some of the music, came about via divination, dice rolls, and bibliomancy. It is fear, but it’s also transformative mental states, a change of mind, a change of species, climbing out of this skin and into the next one.”

Preorder Milk of God here, and watch the video for “It Is Fear” below:

For more from The Shining Tongues, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of The Shining Tongues

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