Video Premiere: The Sight Of Impact – ‘Ideal Life (feat. Dropout Kings)’

South Texas, nu-metalcore quintet The Sight Of Impact are back with their new single and video, featuring Adam Ramey and Eddie Wellz from Dropout Kings, “Ideal Life.”

The song begins with a Korn-adjacent vibe before Moises Lopez’s vocals remind listeners they are listening to a modern metalcore band. The track is about living your life how you want to, without falling in line with another person’s standards of the “correct” way of living.

Ramey and Wellz enter the track after the first chorus, with their signature, Linkin Park-esque, scream/rap combo, also making an appearance in the trippy music video as marionettes.

Lopez chats more about the track and the themes: “Do what makes you happy, and don’t let others pressure you into living the life they want for you to live.”

Watch the video for “Ideal Life” here:

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Photo courtesy of The Sight Of Impact and Andrew Vela

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