Video Premiere: The X Heart – ‘2003’

Newcomers The X Heart came together through the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns as three friends who found themselves all with additional time deciding to make the most of it. Their efforts have led to their debut single and the accompanying video for “2003.”

The X Heart delivers a nostalgic and rebellious attitude, the members (Jeff Mozey vocals/guitar, Andy O on bass, and Chad Shredamen on drums) drawing influences from early-2000s pop punk and bands like MXPX, New Found Glory, Green Day, blink-182, and Simple Plan.

Mozey explains that the band came together through a “back to basics” mentality, with all the members growing up watching the tail-end of MTV and videos regularly airing on music channels, so they have naturally held many of the bands from that time close to their music and style.

“We all met years ago playing in various bands and have been good friends ever since. One day, I suggested starting up a new music project, and everyone was stoked on the idea. It seemed pretty natural for us to start playing together and making some new music happen,” Mozey says.

The debut single “2003” has the band members fully embracing the pop-punk sound, full of hard-hitting riffs and ear-catching melodies.

“The song came together when I was thinking about how life was growing up. We were all innocent and had no concept of responsibility. Maybe it’s a little bit rose-colored glasses nostalgia, but thinking back to that time is a good feeling for us,” Mozey adds.

Watch the video for “2003” here:

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Photo courtesy of The X Heart

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