“Metaphor For War” is from theLine’s last EP, the Mass Debate, the flip-side to their new EP, which is coming out in October, titled Sour to Punker.


“This is a song we wrote before our first hiatus, and we were actually already playing it live on the last tour before our break, so we were happy to finally get this song recorded and released all these years later,” says Donald Horne. “It’s a song about perseverance and finding your place in the world, defeating the awkwardness of growing up, which I think is something all young people struggle with all over the world. It’s a battle cry for the underdog! Life in social situations when you’re young can feel like war. 

“For the video, we were lucky enough to work with our longtime friends and artist Jamie Lynn and Scottie Daniels on the set design and our good friend Don Tyler directed the shoot.”

From the early 1990s through to 2001, theLine released four, full-length studio albums to much acclaim before taking a moment of silence that was eventually broken with 2019’s the Mass Debate

While the “Californian punk” movement swept just about every guitar band of the time, theLINE stayed ruthless and committed to developing their own sound. 

As founding member Donald Horne explains, “Playing art punk in the ’90s was an interesting place to be; the pop-punk world was exploding, and we were always grouped in with those bands, but since our records played more like a high tempo’ed RUSH 2112 or an early Iron Maiden record, we had to forge our own way, which was fine with us. We did our thing and have no regrets.”

Luckily, the band continue to forge ahead with their potent mix of ’70s prog, ’80s punk, and early ’90s art punk, and they have plans to release a new EP in the fall. But for now, we are stoked to bring you the brand new video for “Metaphor For War.” 

Photo by Gary Copeland

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