Theyrgy will release Exit Strategies through their Dead Sage label on August 21 on digital platforms as well as a limited run of CDs. Check out the video for “Walk Away” from the upcoming record.

The band describes the “Walk Away” single as “The tale of a fictional, sociopathic cannibalistic killer.” They write, “Symbolically, the song touches upon mankind’s innate interest and fascination with the horrific while being able to ‘walk away’ from it and go about their daily lives as if unshaken by those horrific scenes.”

Theyrgy was formed in February 2018 by John Doyle (I Decline,13 Flowers), John E. Bomher (Yakuza, Iklatus), Michael Fabiano, and Tony Hooper. Drawing inspiration from post-punk, industrial, and shoegaze artists, the band’s music aims to radiate light from within the dark spaces resonating inside and outside the listener.

The map is not the territory. We’re done with living in the false structures that steal us from ourselves and our community and funnels us into a bloated, mediocre, and unrealized life. By embracing and channeling the underlying chaos that is denied existence in the world, we find the nourishment we need to grow and live meaningful human lives. Our music is our contribution to the re-enchantment of the world.

Preorder the album here. 


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