New Noise Magazine is bringing a rather timeless video into the world today with the live from Cleveland version of “Everything At Once” by the vintage act The Tigerlilies.  They have played countless shows around Ohio, serving as support for Violent Femmes, Joan Jett, Paul Weller, Guided By Voices and Superchunk, and attaining a sizable and appreciative following along the way. The past decade has seen the release of many singles and albums on independent Midwestern labels such as Atavistic, Violently Hip and Mono-cat 7, chalking up a total of four full lengths which showcase The Tigerlilies economic blend of punk, 60’s soul and garage rock.

Along the way, someone unearthed their debut record, Space Age Love Songs, which was recorded exactly 20 years ago. The LP was a hit at the time, winning album, artist and record of the year at the Cincinnati Music Awards and landing them a showcase at the burgeoning SXSW Festival. But the band had all but forgot about its release after a traumatic accident, involving a drunk driver hitting their tour van, killed their manager and momentarily dashed their dreams. The LP received a re-release in February.

Listening back, they were all impressed with the timeless nature of the material. Indeed, their knack for sharp and concise rock nuggets left little room for any dated production techniques. They had always correlated its release with the accident, but with the buffer of time, it felt appropriate to orchestrate a re-release, a 20th anniversary addition if you will, with 6 additional unreleased tracks from those sessions.

“It was very early in the morning on a Cincinnati morning show. We showed up with all of our amps and equipment and the production manager flipped his lid! He said, ‘I’m not prepared for a full performance,’ so Pat said, “ here’s the CD, we’re not too proud to lip-synch!”

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