Video Premiere: Torch the Hive – ‘Copaganda’

Rollicking Chicago rockers Torche the Hive have a new song and video that drops today. It’s called “Copaganda” and will appear on the band’s forthcoming Flamingo.

The track showcases the increasing political bent of their music, something that they attribute to the rise of President Unelect Trump. Their current material is geared towards addressing the problems of racial injustice, as should be evident by the content of their latest song and video.

Check out our premiere of “Copaganda” below:

On the inspiration for the song, the band referred us to a lyric from their previously released song “Shame on You”:

“Some people hate me for the color of my skin / Well fuck you snowflake, I don’t know what I did”

Follow them on Bandcamp here.

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