If you’re looking to take a trippy, droney, fuzzy, post-hardcore trip into another dimension, check out the new video from Touch off of their latest record, The Darkness Reflects. 

“This song was the last one that we’ve finished for the LP, and it was very much written in the ‘last minute’ kind of way, but we all loved it so much and felt it would be great to make a video for it,” the band says. “We didn’t really have a concept but knew we were looking for something that had a special atmosphere and feeling. Eszter Horvath helped us create our vision with Gergely Ofner handling the photography direction. Two very talented people from Hungary! The outcome is a spectacular, colorful video that takes you to another dimension.”

The five-piece keep their sound interesting by nodding to trippy fuzz, psyched-out reverb and dive-bomb laden thrash while always firmly maintaining their hardcore roots and structure. With two EPs under their belt, 2016’s self-release Illusion Of Truth and 2017’s Rearrangement on Chiller Than Most, the band find themselves among stalwarts Mental, Soul Control, Blacklisted, and the almighty Supertouch.

The band continue to push themselves forever forward musically and around the continent of Europe, touring as much as possible or opening hometown shows with the likes of Turnstile, Give, No Turning Back, Terror, Praise, and so on.

Preorder the album here. 


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