Video Premiere: Two Sides of Me – ‘White Noise’

Two Sides of Me pulled themselves together in 2017 and have since been polishing off sharp, ruthless metalcore with pop punk-inflected vocals, with sonic qualities that will call to mind A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Famous Last Words, and Beartooth (all bands they’ve incidentally played with, FYI).

Two Sides of Me are dropping a new song and video today, and New Noise are bringing it to you in the hopes that you’ll enjoy the hell out of it, even while your eyebrows are sheered off by those razory guitar licks they keep peeling off.

Check out the new video for “White Noise” below:

Two Sides of Me are Ryan Toms on vocals, Tony Beheler and Shane Grishaw on guitar, Jerod Folk on bass, and Jonny Rosin on drums. Together, they have come roaring out of Lynchburg, Virginia with the goal of constantly evolving and smashing expectations.

On their new song, Two Sides of Me have the following to say:

“‘White Noise’ strikes close to home for us as a band dealing with and talking about depression among other mental issues. We began writing the song prior to the COVID pandemic happening, and as COVID took over, we took our writing a step further being influenced by the many feelings that came along with it such as, the uncertainty in what was going to happen, feeling like you’re falling into a dark place as if you were stuck and unable to get out.

“This song represents a new era for Two Sides of Me in both sound and substance. We want to share with our audience a connection to who we are as individuals and as a band in hopes to bring light into their lives. This song’s aim is to highlight topics such as depression and so many other negative emotions our minds can take us and express to the listeners that they are not alone!”

Photo by Two Sides of Me

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