VadaWave is the brainchild of The Used’s Quinn Allman and American Idol finalist Megan Joy. The two were introduced by producer John Feldmann and eventually the two married and began collaborating together to create VadaWave. The duo have a six song EP entitled Out Of Body, which will be released on December 9th. Today, New Noise Magazine is premiering the music video for their energetic single, “Escape.” It’s been noted the song deals with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), influenced and inspired by a book written by Carolyn Jessop’s book of the same name, having escaped the clutches of Warren Jeffs time as the the head.

“I think that when we first started writing the song and just being involved in finding out about that world, we wanted to spread awareness about their situation, specifically Warren Jeffs and the reign in FLDS. We wanted people to be aware of how horrible that world is,” Megan Joy explains. The singer continues, “Once the song was finished and we were sharing it with friends we realized that it is applicable to anyone that is in an abusive situation or trapped, or anyone that isn’t free and living the life they deserve to live.” Her offering on the song matches the sentiment; filled with emotional melodies built around the chord foundations by Quinn Allman’s heavier background.

“I think this one is more rock leaning for us. It’s a little more aggressive,” Allman comments. For a project like VadaWave, both musicians add their own bits to each song, eventually collaborating from a solid base. With “Escape,” the duo let their energy take control on the song’s direction. “It’s probably kind of more of the rock — my background and influence. It came straight off of a guitar and then we added bass and drums. A lot of our songs start off with a little snippet of some chords and then Megan decides where that song will go,” Allman comments. The guitarist is involved in such a variety of music that his wife chooses which songs to write over from the musician’s computer.

The music video for “Escape” follows the same idea as the song’s narrative, showing women on their own and escaping the harsh reality that was set for them within the FLDS. After a bombastic instrumental break, a spoken part from Warren Jeffs is introduced. Allman explains where it came from, “That is from the trial evidence against Warren Jeffs from when he was sent to prison. That was a conference call that he had made to about 30 women when he was off site somewhere. He was video conferencing with all of his wives, giving them a little sermon.” All the while this sermon is happening, there are shots contrasting the falsehood of security spread by Jeffs (who is in prison), with bright textures surrounding the individuals in the video. The song rides back into the chorus directly after all of this, a fitting ending to a song about overcoming the darkness.

The sense of freedom and unity on the song is hard to overlook, as Joy states “After American Idol, everyone wanted me to be on the radio. The songs I was writing had to be a pop single hit, so I learned how to write songs like that but with Quinn, I’m so free that I just let it be whatever it is.” This lends Out Of Body to have a fusion of influences blended into VadaWave’s sound. The EP tackles a variety of musical ambitions, even having content about the duo’s love find its way into the music, as such on “Very Best Part.” The song pulses with synthesizers and winding guitar riffs, with the drums creating a hypnotic appeal to their beat. Joy remarks about songs like these, “It’s easy to write a love song about Quinn.”

For fans of Allman’s work in previous projects, look no further than this one. VadaWave’s sensational songwriting ability helps each song have it’s own identity and creative allure to it. A combination of soaring pop melodies are weaved into dynamic song structures, allowing for each moment to shine on its own, backed by a duo ready to take their outlet a bit further. Allman reflects, “These are the ones that survived the chaos of our life. In a manageable way we decided to keep working with these ones, because they speak to us. Now that we can stand back and look at it and see the future, we can see the songs that come to us the most naturally.”

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