Chicago-based atmospheric ensemble Varaha have unveiled details of a new single—featuring members of Napalm Death, SubRosa and Veil of Maya—which was entirely recorded during the lockdown necessitated by Covid-19.

The track, titled Reves is a re-imagining of the track Severance from their 2019 album A Passage For Lost Years. The single will be available digitally on June 26. The accompanying video was created with videographer David Leep.

The full list of artists performing on the track are as follows:
Fabio Brienza: Vocals, Guitars, Drones (VARAHA)
Joel Hollis: Guitars (VARAHA)
Bryan Gold: Bass (VARAHA)
Sam Applebaum: Drums (Veil Of Maya)
Mitch Harris: Guitars (Napalm Death)
Eric Dupuis: Guitars (Widmore)
Chuck Bontrager: Violin (Hamilton musical – concertmaster)
Sarah Pendleton: Violin (SubRosa)
Kim Cordray: Violin (SubRosa)
Nota Barton: Cello (Mucca Pazza, Mono)
William Aldridge: Trombone (Third City Sound)
Nick Broste: Trombone, Mellotron (Mono, Ty Segall, Wilco)
Bruce Lamont: Soprano Saxophone (Yakuza, Corrections House, Led Zeppelin 2)

“This video is about memories, about cherishing what’s important and magic to us; it’s about coming together during dark days,” the band explains. “We all know how hard and dark those days were, not knowing when the self-isolation solitude nightmare would end. But we made an effort to break the distance in order to feel alive and find strength. ‘Reves’ is exactly about going back to one another, and this video reveals our yearning to do so.”

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