Paraguay-based death metalers Verthebral just unleashed a new video for “Absence of a God,” and it’s just as heavy and brutal as it is blasphemous. The song is from their album Abysmal Decay, out December 27 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

“Abysmal Decay represents the human decadence, the loss of hope in a dying world, the hypocrisy of people, the blind and meaningless faith behind a fanatical mass. Therefore, you’ll not find beautiful and positive messages here; life is dark and empty, but darkness give us a sense of tranquility and peace in this chaotic reality, so we can survive in this world without answers,” the band says. “Our new album is the result of a clear musical evolution; now we are better musicians, and we reach the balance between brutality and technique that is reflected in our new songs.

“This killer sound and production was possible thanks to the great work of Sebastian Carsin, a respected producer from Brazil, and the amazing cover art was in charge of Marcos Miller. We are on a great label; thanks to Kunal and Transcending Obscurity, our new album will be out at the end of this year. We believe that we have achieved our best work so far, and we are proud to introduce you to Abysmal Decay.

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