Video Premiere: Victoria+Jean – “Until It Breaks” (Live Session)

We’re proud to bring you the premiere of “Until it Breaks,” a blistering live performance by Belgo-Swedish avant-pop duo Victoria + Jean.  It’s a stylishly raw video of their simmering and epic track off their forthcoming new album, Divine Love (due out April 29th). The song is taken from the new album and the video was produced by Victoria + Jean + David. The striking lighting was designed by Ludovic Wautier (he also edited the video).

Victoria + Jean comments on the meaning behind the song:

“How we can go through so many things, and be so stubborn, and push it until it breaks our hearts. How life can be so cruel but we deal with it because there’s nothing else you can do, and that it’s the only way for us to even keep on going, to live. Living with ghosts of the past… not letting things go, doing the same mistakes over and over again, and feeling sorry your yourself. It’s like a prophet was talking to it’s subjects, telling that story of human kind that keep on repeating their own history, they keep on doing it backwards until it breaks their hearts. It’s nearly entirely egoistic when you think about it, you don’t do things to make things better, you do them to make yourself feel worse to make yourself worthy… to make yourself the victim when it’s yourself whom in the beginning started it, and in a way, wanted it to happen this way.”

Video Editing + Lighting Design by Ludovic Wautier
Sound by Elsa Grelot
Video operator by Lionel Boyer + Charlotte Maison

The intense immediacy of their work maintains a feverishly dark yet accessible vibe. Louder Than War describes Victoria’s talented lead vocals as a ““fierce, visceral, blues howl…the kind of goddess who will own indie rock one year.” The album’s recording credits feature more than a few notable names such as John Parish (PJ Harvey), Ian Caple (Tricky, Tindersticks), Christoffer Berg (Depeche Mode, The Knife), and Rob Kirwan (U2, The Horrors).

Victoria + Jean are poised to create more than a splash in North America with their upcoming performances at SXSW, including the official showcase at Esther’s Follies on March 19th.

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