On the genre-bent “Comfort In The Grave,” taken from their forthcoming album, Inked In Red, out April 16, Vision Video combine classic goth-rock, post-punk, and hints of emo, pulling from a wide range of influences such as 45 Grave and Joy Division to My Chemical Romance.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere the Italian 80s horror-inspired video for “Comfort In The Grave” below:

On “Comfort in the Grave,” keyboardist Emily Fredock takes the lead on vocals. Fredock once met a very peculiar guy at a bar and, after some deliberation and drunken antics, she and some friends ended up consensually, temporarily burying him in her backyard. It became a running joke with a couple of her friends, who said she should write a song about it.

Fredock states:

“Once I started writing about it, it kind of evolved into this concept of me putting the relationship I had just gotten out of, to rest. Losing someone so close to me in that way felt kind of like a death and finding closure through the realization it was what was best for me was the only way to make it feel less tragic.”

On collaborating with vocalist/guitarist Dusty Gannon, Fredock adds:

“My writing process has really just started throughout the last few months, so I’m still working with trying to make my lyrics less literal and direct, which is where Dusty comes in. Most of my influences are more emo, punk, or alternative, so lyrically you say what you mean.

Whereas with Dusty, the influences are more poetic and mysterious, while having a similar message. So, having his help has been a great learning experience by showing me how to take something that you feel and embellish it in a way that gives it a nostalgic and timeless kind of feeling.”

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