New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the hunting new single from Volkova Sisters. “TTL” is a sinister tune with a deep unsettling texture to it at the start, gradually growing with ambiance and a more spacious free-willed atmosphere. Once the mood switch happens the song’s layers shimmer with cascading crescendos and spiraling dynamics. Take a listen to the song below and watch the music video! The song is off of the upcoming release, Slowin Away, out

“TTL is the second single from our second album, Slowin Away. The title of the song is its own acronym: This is The Life. This is one of the most emotional tracks from this LP which tries to comprehend the complexity of closeness; when sometimes you feel great distance in the most intimate moments or closeness when many miles apart. It highlights how important it is to accept and understand this duality.”

Volkova Sisters are a four-piece band from Hungary now based in London who borrowed their name from a cyberpunk novel by William Gibson. The “sisters” Gergely Kovacs, Daniel Sandor, Dalma Berger and Tibor Vangel found each other through a shared passion for dark and melancholic 80’s new-wave music. The Volkova Sisters have their very own compelling take on dark electronica with a sharper emphasis on industrial pop and adding
their own twists of depth, breadth, and dynamism.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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