Video Premiere: Wes Hoffman and Friends’ Mini Documentary

Wes Hoffman and Friends are premiering their new single “For What It’s Worth” featuring Émilie Plamondon and their new mini documentary, right here at New Noise.

Wes Hoffman was an active member of the St. Louis and Midwest punk scenes in the early 2000s, and after taking a hiatus from music for several years, he re-emerged in the field in 2017 and began releasing new songs.

Wes and his friends are now back, releasing a handful of singles through 2021 and gearing up for the release of a new EP in early 2022. The live band consists of Hoffman on vocals and guitar, long-time friend Jacob Boyd on bass, Johnny Wehner on guitar, and Justin Unterseh on drums.

Hoffman opens up about the new track: “‘For What It’s Worth’ is a song about losing people in your life, when they pass away or you lose touch, and wanting them to know you still think about them. When people leave our lives, we still have to strive on and make it work. We wanted to add a different voice and perspective to this song, so we asked Émilie Plamondon to feature her vocals, and she did a phenomenal job.

Presave the album here, and watch the mini documentary below:

For more from Wes Hoffman and Friends, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Wes Hoffman

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