Video Premiere: What Makes Sense – ‘Rear Window’

Poughkeepsie, NY-based, pop-punk group What Makes Sense have worked to fully realize their new single, “Rear Window,” out now with a new music video.

The song began with a 30-second song clip guitarist Eddie Petershagan wrote after he watched Space Force and wanted to write something “spacey” sounding. After he sent the clip to vocalist Adam Rebillard, the band got together to fully flesh out the sound of the song.

Adam expands on the making for “Rear Window,” saying that a lot of time and love went into the track:

“[‘Rear Window’] showcases what we can do and do well, while also portraying a positive message of, don’t let life pass you by. During the pandemic, we took the time to really think about our sound and the direction we wanted to go with the songs we were writing. ‘Rear Window’ is the first glimpse into where we are heading as a band and what we are capable of producing.”

Adam continues, “During the pandemic, I went through this time where I was trying to get out of my comfort zone writing-wise and write a song that wasn’t necessarily about myself. I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window for the first time. I wanted to try and write something from the perspective of Grace Kelly, watching James Stewart become more and more involved with the life outside his window. The moral of the story is, don’t let life pass you by.”

Watch the video for “Rear Window” here:

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Photo courtesy of What Makes Sense

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