Video Premiere: What Makes Sense – ‘Vicious Game’

What Makes Sense are back with a new video for their song “Vicious Game” featuring Christ Piquette, premiering exclusively here at New Noise.

The band began as a duo, comprised of vocalist/lyricist Adam Rebilard and lead guitarist Avery Avello. Following the release of their debut single, “Spooky,” in October 2019, and following the release of their debut EP, the duo grew to include rhythm guitarist Eddie Petershagen and bassist Aaron Barkstrom.

The band say they want to bring their brand of pop punk to as many ears as they can. Thematically, “Vicious Game,” according to the band, explores the idea, that, “We always lose, but it never seems to sink in so we keep going regardless, failure isn’t always a bad thing.”

What Makes Sense talk more about creating the new track, “’Vicious Game’ started out as an attempt to write something a little different and darker than what we usually do. Eddie started messing around with some ideas we had and began composing the intro. As for the rest of us we tried to kind of keep everything inside the map that Eddie laid out for us. Aaron came in with a groovy, driving bass, Adam took a more melodic approach with the vocals which were well complimented by Avery’s Leads for the song.”

Order and stream the track here, and watch the video for “Vicious Game (ft. Chris Piquette)” here:

For more from What Makes Sense, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of What Makes Sense 

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