New Noise Magazine is premiering the playful single “Surreal” from Whimsical. The band’s sound is airy, full of twinkling guitar tones and a punchy bass. The vocals tread lightly over the blissful instrumentation that sound like the sprinkled feelings of love dancing inthe air during the spring. “Surreal” is a hypnotic burst of energy thanks to Krissy Vanderwoude’s vocals and the pop lathered feel. The song is off of Whimsical’s latest release, Sleep To Dream, which was released February 24th via Saint Marie Records.

“A song about falling in love. In my opinion, there is nothing that can lift you higher, ironically. This song is about that process and all of the smiles and stomach drops that come along with that.” – Krissy Vanderwoude

“We always tried to have energetic upbeat songs to contrast our dreamy down tempo songs. Musically, Surreal almost wrote itself once I started working on it and was always great fun to perform live. It’s the song we are probably most known for by this point.” – Neil Burkdoll (Guitar)

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Whimsical is an Indiana band who made quite a name for themselves back in the day. Their first album, 2000’s exquisitely-named Setting Suns Are Semi-Circles remains a cult-classic, dream pop with an emphasis on the pop. The band dissolved a couple of years later with the follow up only 90% finished—everyone adrift in confusion & ennui, the way all relationships end.

Time passes, and the heart longs for what it once had. The band got back together last year in order to complete the album, to transform their ellipsis into an exclamation point. And with Sleep To Dream, it’s finally happened.

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