New Noise Magazine is pleased to be premiering the music video for “All My Life” by Wolf Woodcock. The three minute song is a tripped out, shimmering experience that is only enhanced by the visuals streaming through the video. With airy vocals, ambient guitars and an overall rich atmosphere, this track is a heavenly way to start the week. The chorus is a bubbly dance with melody, and can be heard below! The song is off of the record, Cove, available on streaming services everywhere.

“We really tried to capture the personal in this video. Because the lyrics are introspective, we decided that a performance video made up of almost all close-ups would add an intimate setting to complement them. Then we just tried to have fun with it. (Director) Alec (Cotugno) and his team exclusively used practical effects to create those nice glints of light in the foreground as well as the backdrop. Even the part where my image is getting stretched was just a cool and strange contraption that they brought to the shoot. The most difficult part of shooting the music video was all six of us trying to cram into that tiny space to get the last shot. I think one of us suggested it as a joke but after we tried it, it totally made the video for me. That whole night was super fun, in between shots we were all piled on a single couch eating a ton of cookies and cracking jokes. That’s the way to do it to have a good time on set.” – Wolf Woodcock

Wolf Woodcock is a Los Angeles based composer and musician. While performing in many bands all over the LA scene such as VS Colour, Jennylee, and Alyeska, he has also been carefully crafting and releasing solo material since he was sixteen. It wasn’t until October 2016 that he put together a band to start playing the songs that eventually became their official debut EP Cove. Outside of playing music with his group, he has written concert art music for chamber ensembles and has scored student-animated shorts. He runs a small cassette label called Wool Fee Records, co-runs the music and animation festival Kinetic with partners Sam Lane and Peter Galindo, and has recently started a community based art collective called the Emo Jazz Collective with fellow composer Emmet Webster. He is currently writing his debut full-length album.

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