Comedic splatter-gore grindcore band Xingaia take their sense of humor to the screen with a brand-new music video. Paying homage to the ‘90s, the band dug up and dragged the corpse of the classic, one-hit-wonder Divinyls song out of the pop-culture graveyard, kicking and screaming, and made it their own.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “I Touch Myself” below:

Directed by Northwest veteran video director Riker Morrow (Extortionist, Ras Kass, Sterileprayer), the band surely spared no expense and wasted no time making sure the throwback elements were all over the place in this video, referencing everything from old creature feature movie elements, ’80s and ’90s hair metal, and much more.

When asked about the inspiration behind immortalizing Divinyls in an absolutely brutal metal rendition, guitarist and vocalist Josh Rodriguez says:

“It’s great; the lyrics in the original sounds playful and sexy when Chrissy Amphlett sings them, but when it’s a couple of sweaty dudes shouting them at the top of their lungs, it gives off a totally different vibe.”

The band has more single releases in the works, among a slew of other plans for 2021 and moving into 2022, including the completion and release of a new physical EP release.

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