Formed in an unassuming suburban garage during the cold winter of 2019, Aurora, Colorado outfit Years Down are a high-energy pop-punk/punk rock quintet, drawing influence from across the musical spectrum.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Better Off” below:

Originally formed by high school friends, drummer Ben Gonzalez and guitarist Tim Rice, Years Down eventually added guitarist Aaron James, vocalist Griffin Mather, and bassist John Nicholas.

After playing their first show, the band was quarantined like most other bands in 2020. Undeterred, they bunkered down to hone their songwriting and style. Years Down entered the studio in early 2021 with Taylor Hahn and with two goals in mind: lay down some quality tracks and play shows to rowdy crowds.

On the track’s release and its accompanying video, Years Down state:

“If I was to pick one word to describe the song it would have to be lovesick. I penned most of the lyrics after a particularly unexpected break up that pushed me to lows I never knew I could reach.

It was a pretty touch and go time for me, which is why so much of the imagery in the song is tied to death.”

Stream Years Down here.

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  1. Catherine West Reply

    Very PROUD to be related to Aaron…….You all ROCK!…….Enjoyed your song immensely!……I look forward to your future recordings…….You are a very tight band……..I very much want to see your “Awesome” band in concert……..Keep up your great work!……….
    Cathy West

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