Video Premiere: Zache Davis – ‘Gemini Rising’

Los Angeles-based musician and multi-instrumentalist Zache Davis is a punk extrovert turned songwriting introvert, gearing up to release his new solo LP, The Sting. Ahead of the new record, he’s sharing a new song and video, “Gemini Rising,” featuring trippy graphics and animations.

Davis began his musical career as a mainstay in the local Seattle and LA garage rock scenes with post-punk bands like The Girls, Maniac, and Weird Numbers. His new project has plenty to satisfy fans of his new wave projects, though The Sting regularly dives head-first into AM Gold territory while still maintaining his DIY roots.

The album is set for release this October, with the new track, “Gemini Rising,” acting as a taste of what to expect.

Davis expands on the track origins and title, “‘What’s your birth chart?’ she said. When my date got up for the bathroom, I texted my mom asking exactly what time I was born. I discovered that I was Gemini rising, although it didn’t say that we were exactly compatible. ‘Gemini Rising,’ my latest single, explores my own personal duality with Rob Fidel’s vivid and beautiful animation bringing the music and lyrics to life.”

Watch the video for “Gemini Rising” here:

For more from Zache Davis, find him on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Zache Davis

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