We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Second Relation’s new music video for their song “Countless Damages” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Eno, out September 30th through Long Branch Records / SPV.

The motion picture for the second single “Countless Damages” is a schematic translation of the lyrics. The approach was to show the ambiguous views of the  protagonist through projections in urban and natural environments paired with point-of-view-shots. Through different analogue styles like dolly shots, distortions and cross-fades the video gets more diffuse and abstract towards the end. The goal for the visual process from clear to diffuse is the last sentence of the song “What the hell is going on? What’s happening here? Where am I to go?…” The video was shot by Alexander Stark and finished in close collaboration with the band and financed by the Austrian Musicfund.

The band comments on the song:

“‘Countless Damages’ is the dramatic climax of the story of Eno. The young woman recognizes that her protective architecture is threatened by dark shapes and her utopia of a perfect world is about to fall apart. Where once life and uplift took part, now only debris and ruins are left. Eno faints into a state of power- and helplessness, which is musically translated into a stoic unconventional riff to end the song.

Pre-order Eno here.

It was 2007 when, at just 15 years of age, the five friends Bastian Berchtold (vocals, bass, cello), Daniel Fleps (keyboard, vocals), Simon Gstöhl (guitar), Julian Nachbauer (guitar), and Michael Simic (drums) decided to make

music together. Their well reputed debut album Lynette was released by 2009. It was immediately named Demo of the Month by Metal Hammer, and received excellent reviews in other magazines, as well. Buoyed by this start, Second Relation opened the 2009 Summer Breeze Festival and then got straight back into the studio to finish off their second album, Abiona. After the release of Abiona, the young musicians took a creative break. Second Relation are now back with their new album Eno, which concludes the musical trilogy of albums with female namesakes.

A total work of art with an enormous vision find its powerful conclusion here, yet at the same time the album signals a departure into a new era. With Eno, Second Relation utter an astounding sign of life. The album was self-produced in the Vision Recording Studio in Austria. The band have continued to further develop their sound and clearly have made their mark on the new compositions. The album Eno was financed by the Austrian Music Fund. David Castello, who has been responsible for mixing and production for Opeth and Katatonia, was in charge of Eno. Mastering was carried out by Tony Lindgren (James LaBrie, Leprous) from Fascination Street Studios in Stockholm.


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