Illinois rock duo Ashland have released their new single and video, “Misery”, and we reckon you need to check it out! FFO PVRIS, Paramore, Sleeping With Sirens.

Imagine if Helena from My Chemical Romance’s iconic video was a badass rock babe, instead of… ya know, a ballet corpse – that’s the imagery the “Misery” video conjures up.

The band released their sophomore album, Over The Moon, in 2019 via Rise Records, but have parted ways with the label for their upcoming EP, stylized as /, due in April.

Using the first half of 2020 to live up to their name and allow beauty and growth to rise from the ashes, they then began furiously writing new songs and reconnecting to their roots musically and lyrically, putting all of the aggression and anguish that was 2019-2020 into song.

Vocalist Asia Marie says: 

“Aaron originally wanted to cut ‘Misery.’ He showed me a scratch recording he had been working on and it immediately resonated with me. The lyrics make it seem a little sarcastic but we are honestly grateful for both the good and bad experiences we’ve had as musicians because they’ve brought us to where we are today and that’s what this song is about.”

Check out “Misery” below.

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Image courtesy of Ashland.


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