Formerly known as The Nude Dogs, Toronto terrorers Bad Waitress have just signed to Royal Mountain Records announced their debut album, set to drop later this year. They’ve also released a song and video on April Fools Day, titled “Too Many Bad Habits,” which you can check out below:

That’s some free-wheelin’, punk rock and roll fun, isn’t it? Here is what the band had to say about it:

“Bad Habits. We all have them and the guilt surrounding them eats us up. This song is a cathartic expression of the frustration that emerges from constantly teetering on the edge. It’s screaming into the faces of the devil and angel whispering in your ear. ‘Too Many Bad Habits’ to be this broke’ is a working class battle cry.”

What bad habits are you trying to break? Mine is eating too much sugar. I literally had a donut for breakfast and I’m presently eyeing a candy bar sitting next to me at my desk. Resisting the urge to take a chomp out of the sucker may not be the exact same thing as overturning an entire order of labor exploitation, but at this moment, it sure as heck feels like it!

Photo by Calm Elliott- Armstrong.

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