Video Spotlight: Billions of Comrades – ‘Our Hours’ feat. Mike Watt

Full of adrenaline and sweat, Belgian quartet Billions Of Comrades deliver on a free-wheeling dance-punk style and love getting wild on a concert stage.

In July, the band released “Our Hours,” a powerful new single featuring Mike Watt, and now, they’re ready for fans to witness the track’s stunning music video. Watch below:

Billions Of Comrades—comprised of Arnaud Larcier (bass), Chris Thienpont (guitar), Damien Hendrichs (drums), and Johnathan Manzitto (vocals, synth)—flirt between organic and synthetic sounds, creating music with asymmetrical structures, headbanger beats, and chanted vocals.

“Our Hours” draws a portrait from the field of the lack of unity, the social injustices and the oppression that citizens must endure on top of a global pandemic, a situation that pushes the collective mental and physical health of the planet to the breaking point. The track’s accompanying video, directed by Haris Pilton Films, accurately translates the band’s musical vision into strong and striking images.

Purchase and stream “Our Hours” here.

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