Mysterious Pakistani-American indie-pop artist Blood Cultures has released their new single, “When The Night Calls”, ahead of the release of their new album, LUNO, on May 28 via Pack Records. Check out the hypnotizing video for the track now!

“When The Night Calls” is another example of Blood Cultures’ uniqueness, meshing together indie, electronic, and alternative into their own distinct sound.

The video is an art piece in its own right, pairing hypnotizing dance with a monochrome color scheme for a simple yet mesmerizing accompaniment to the track.

On the single, Blood Cultures says:

“The night has a deceptively alluring nature. It shows us what we shine a light on, what we want to focus on, but not the whole picture, not what’s hidden underneath the darkness.”

This single is the fourth to be released from LUNO, following on from “Set It On Fire”, “Beneath The Moon & Me” and “Keeps Bringing Me Back”

Blood Cultures single

Blood Cultures says of the new album:

“It’s a critical look at nihilism and the choice of ignorance in the age of information. People often forget or choose to ignore their own power, but change is possible only through accepting your responsibility to yourself and the world around you. The main theme of the new project LUNO is about change through death and resurrection. Sometimes you have to let things burn, to see what comes from the ashes.”

Check out the “When The Night Calls” video below, and pre-save LUNO here.

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Images courtesy of Blood Cultures. Featured image credit: Oskar with a K.


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