Considering the anxieties of last year carrying into 2021, I’ve taken a bit of comfort lately in artists charging forward with messages of healing. That’s partially why we’re excited to share “Flow,” the seventh video in Diamond Shake’s ongoing video series around their debut From Method to Madness.

This video, once again animated by French animator Dom Bloink, is a loving ode to Diamond Shake frontman Matthew Hitchens’ relationship with cannabis and how it’s helped his struggles with anxiety and depression. Inspired by the stained glass windows of Parisian churches, Bloink’s video for “Flow” is singularly psychedelic without playing into tired tropes.

Check out Diamond Shake’s video for “Flow” below:

FMTM originally released in late 2019, but the visual album is releasing in increments throughout 2021.

On the new video, Matt Hitchens of Diamond Shake says the following:

“Flow’ is about cannabis and the positive effects it has had on my mental health. I moved to L.A. about eight years ago, but it was maybe another three or four years before I started smoking cannabis, and it caused an instant improvement in a lot of different areas. It initially solved my insomnia, but it has also helped with other things like anxiety and depression. It has really changed the quality of my life.”

Dom Bloink, the video’s director, adds:

“For ‘Flow,’ Matt had wanted a weed-themed video that didn’t fall into any of the usual psychedelic tropes, and the style idea came to me after visiting La Sainte Chapelle Church in Paris. I learned the windows were not just for aesthetics, but meant to tell a story, and I ran with this thought for ‘Flow.’ Inspired initially by the windows there, it then evolved over the process of working to be somewhere in between windows and ceramics/mosaics.”

Photo courtesy of Diamond Shake.


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