Video Spotlight: Gatto Black – ‘8 Days a Week’

Songwriter Sal Mastrocola (EXNATIONS, No Nets) started the bedroom post-hardcore project Gatto Black to explore the anxious side of hardcore. “8 Days a Week,” the project’s initial release, offers a frenetic, caffeine-addled assault on the monotony of isolation.

Watch the video for “8 Days a Week” below:

Every instrument and vocal on “8 Days a Week” was recorded by Mastrocola in his garage in Buffalo, NY. The track was mixed by Walter DiCristina (Dog Eat Dog, Gym Class Heroes) and mastered by Mike Piacentini (Converge, Misfits, New Found Glory).

On the meaning behind the track, Mastrocola states:

“Hardcore has a reputation for leading with its aggressive side. There’s catharsis and healing to be found in expressing anger at 200 BPM. But growing up as one of the more reserved kids at the DIY space, I always preferred wielding humor and self-deprecation to get my point across.

Those qualities are front and center in Gatto Black. After all, punk and hardcore have always had the ability to take you by surprise – like a cat ready to pounce and spill coffee all over your lap.”

Stream Gatto Black here.

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