Video Spotlight: Glass Hands – ‘How Do You Feel’ (Lyric Video)

Indianapolis metalcore/alt-pop hybrid Glass Hands are back with their upbeat track and lyric video, “How Do You Feel?” Look no further: You can watch the new video right here at New Noise.

The band first started creating buzz in 2016 after the release of their debut EP, Exit Letters, which prominently showed off their blend of guitar prowess, infused ambient and melodic harmonies, and powerful lyrics. Glass Hands released their full-length, Dive, in 2018 before focusing on single releases, like “Reason to Stay” and “Bouquet.”

“How Do You Feel” kicks their sound up a notch, with frenetic guitars paving the way for the falsetto-laden anthem, along with plenty of breakdowns. Lyrically, the track focuses on having to move on from the past and forward toward the future.

Vocalist Adam Anderson expands:

“This song is probably the most fun song we’ve ever written. We wanted it to be catchy and fun to sing along to. The lyrics are about making changes in your life. Saying goodbye to the past and moving forward even though it can be a scary thing to do. There are some heavy emotions that went into writing it, but we decided to put a positive spin on it by making it fast and upbeat. Definitely one of our favorites that we’ve ever written. This was also the first chorus that we’ve ever written where we wrote the vocals before the instrumental.”

Watch the lyric video for “How Do You Feel?” here:

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Photo courtesy of Glass Hands

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