There is a punk band from San Francisco named Great Apes. They no longer are totally active and live in different cities. They used to play in/ still play in: The Ghost, The Wunder Years, Monster Squad, Holehog, The Landlords. They have a new video for their song “The Edge of the Western World,” which appeared on their album Thread which was released back in 2013.

Are you still reading? Good. Here is the video:

What do Great Apes have to say for themselves? See below:

“‘The Edge of the Western World’ is narrated from the perspective of a long-term San Francisco cab driver. Existential questioning and a scathing criticism of mainstream American values are backdropped by the city’s fog-shrouded coastal outer lands”

Videography: San Francisco footage filmed by Ben Pier. Live at Thee Parkside and Cafe Du Norde filmed by Leslie HamptonEdited by Matthew Kadi.

Photo courtesy of Asian Man Records.

You can find Thread listed on Asian Man Records here, but you can’t buy it. It’s out of print. Try eBay.

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