Video Spotlight: Radiate – ‘Cure Me’

Alternative band Radiate tackle the euphoria of newfound love with their latest single and video, “Cure Me.”

The band formed in New York City in 2017, with vocalist Daniel Louis, guitarist Vlad Tipicidi, drummer Will Ford, and bassist Michael Feliciano.  The band have released three singles, an EP, and six music videos, and prior to the pandemic, they had embarked on multiple tours, opening for bands coming through NYC and playing five headline shows in their hometown.

The band are preparing to hit the road again in anticipation of their upcoming debut album, Detach.

“Cure Me” explores the feeling you get when you meet someone new and realize they might be the one, a person you connect with more than anyone before. Musically, the track balances dreamy, technical instrumentation with stunning vocals and just a bit of grit.

The band talk more about the new song, “The inherent human connection you make with someone you have feelings for. Those feelings feel like salvation or a cure, which is where the line ‘you really cure me’ comes from, in the chorus.”

Watch the video for “Cure Me” here:

For more from Radiate, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of @idrisoptix

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