New Noise are very happy to premiere a new song and video from Ruby Ryan, a New Brunswick, NJ singer-songwriter with a big heart and even bigger jams.

When Ryan starts singing, she makes an indelible impression; her voice has enough tensile strength to carry sadness and determination simultaneously. She doesn’t have to try to be powerful; she just is.

Check out her video for the song “Phosphenes,” the first sweet serving from her forthcoming EP You Could Move In below:

Ruby Ryan understands the beauty and desolation of the suburbs. Her clip for “Phosphenes” is suffused with the distinctive feeling of suburbia in the autumn: leaves are falling; flowers are withering on their stems; a crisp breeze is blowing, and the sands are running out.

Ryan and her directorial partner Alex Tichy follow the romantic drama of a young couple whose emotions are impossible to disguise—and that’s because they’re both wearing enormous heads made of plaster and paint. The contrast between the quotidian suburban surroundings and the fantastic characters who inhabit these streets creates much of the clip’s tension, and it’s also a sly commentary.

When you’re young and in love, you really do feel larger than life—and utterly exposed, too.

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