Southampton, UK pop-punkers Slackrr are back with their single “Waves”, from their upcoming album due out in the summer. Check it out!

“Waves” sees the band form a perfect bridge between the old and the new school of pop punk with chugging yet melodic guitars, and Joe’s simple yet stand-out drums. Scotty’s vocals bring the emo-tinge to the track, and Cait’s melodies add a depth to the track. The lyrics complement the instrumentals, telling an emotional, nostalgic yet forward-thinking story. 

Sharing stages with the likes of PKEW! PKEW! PKEW!, Mest, Light Years, Spunge, and Ducking Punches, Slackrr have earned themselves a reputation for being one of the hardest working bands in the UK underground scene right now. And it’s paying off, with their debut EP (limited to 100 hand-signed copies) selling out on their online store in just over 48 hours, their 2019 release Time, It Waits For No One, achieving critical acclaim, and an appearance on Deficit Games’ VR Skater soundtrack. Not bad for just a couple of years’ work.

Check out the “Waves” video below, and add the track to your Spotify library here.

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Images courtesy of Slackrr.


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