Why not relive the joys of weekends past on this manic Monday with the brand new video from mysterious mascot punks The Cereal Killers, “Perfect Saturday”, featuring Masked Intruder’s Officer Bradford, New Found Glory’s Ian Grushka, and more!

Tired of failing as mascots, the Cereal Killers decided to join forces and raise blood sugar levels with sugary sweet pop-punk, and as heard on their EP Force-Feeding Unhealthy Cereal Knowledge, released in January, they have succeeded in their evil plan!

Cereal Killers EP

Following on from previous single/video, “Magically Delicious”, released alongside the EP, “Perfect Saturday” is a throwback to those blissful Saturdays we all spent the entire week dreaming about as kids. From digging deep into the cereal packet for the treasure within (a small, crappy toy), to Saturday morning cartoons, playing Nintendo, and a trip to Blockbuster Video, it’s nostalgia in its purest and most relatable form: a pop-punk song.

The video features Masked Intruder’s man of the law Officer Bradford, New Found Glory’s bass-master Ian Grushka, punk band The Jasons, and many more – Andre Gower of Monster Squad, Zach Galligan of Gremlins, cereal reviewer Bill Johnson, and the Super Glued Wooden Pirates Podcast – doing unthinkable things with cereal… and ya know, eating it.

Other recognizable faces can be found on their IG, sharing their favorite cereals:

There’s plenty more on the cards menu for The Cereal Killers too, with a new video for “I Want A Batman Bank” coming soon, and a special Mother’s Day release of a cover of Mr. T’s “Treat Your Mother Right”. The band are currently finishing up a full-length, 13-track album, hoping for a summer release, and will have some brand new merch coming soon. Keep your eyes on the Cereal Killers’ socials for more details.

The Cereal Killers are: Count Rockula – Vocals, Tone D The Tiger – Guitar , Pixx Rabbit – Bass, and Hit’ Em Frog – Drums.

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Images courtesy of The Cereal Killers.


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