The Dramedy is the creative outlet of frontman, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Dave Dramedy. “Parasite” is the second single to be released from the forthcoming sophomore album, And the Light Goes White, out March 19.

Watch the lyric video for “Parasite” below:

Dave says he has been actively playing in bands for a little over fifteen years: “A couple of them were my own creation pre-Dramedy, the rest have been other people’s bands”, he explains. “Most, if not all, have been in the genres of punk, post-punk, industrial rock, alternative and hard rock.” Until now, The Dramedy has remained a well-kept secret, but fans of the darker end of the musical spectrum might already be familiar with Dave’s credentials.

Some will recognise him as a former member of L.A. deathrockers, Readership Hostile, led by guitarist Benn Ra (Diva Destruction, Scarlet’s Remains, Mephisto Walz), and vocalist Adrienne Pearson (Radio Vago, Shoot Out the Lights). More recently, others have come to know Dave as the live right-hand man of former Sunshine Blind frontwoman, Caroline Blind, since she began playing solo shows in 2018.

The new single, “Parasite,” picks up on some darker themes lyrically, drawing parallels between the current global pandemic and being trapped in a toxic relationship. At the same time, “Parasite” veers musically towards classic rock, and alternative and indie guitar rock, albeit with a melancholy effect to the minor chord progression. Dave describes the song’s inherent sense of both anxiety and despair, saying: “Listening to the music, I really do feel like a deer caught in the headlights, unable to move.”

But despite the strenuous and claustrophobic circumstances behind the new album’s creation, And the Light Goes White is set to surprise listeners familiar with the darker tone of The Dramedy’s first album, or Dave’s goth and deathrock resume. As the previous single, the Britpop-inspired ballad, “Waiting on You,” and its charmingly tender video has already highlighted, there is much more on offer from the album than dark alternative rock.

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