Featuring the talents of touring musician Dorian Dolore, The Obscene Kiss’ “Apocalypse” is transfixing and heavy.

“I habitually overload myself with different projects and opportunities to create,” Dolore says about the track. “I have two personal projects that are still in the early stages. My new band, The Obscene Kiss, just released a new single on July 4 entitled ‘Apocalypse.’ This project has been my main focus for the first half of this year. We’ve been really excited with this first single, and we are currently working on a follow up.”

The Obscene Kiss are a midwestern-rooted metal band featuring former members of Stitched Up Heart and Psyclon Nine. Blending elements of electronic, cinematic, and meta music, The Obscene Kiss look to create a dynamic and provocative take on heavy music.

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