FUCK. It’s an all-caps exclamation, a sharp proclamation, and a rallying cry. That’s also the name of the debut record from Philly/South Jersey quartet UgLi.

Across eight tracks that hearken back to gloom-doom ‘90s alt-rock and leap towards power-pop majesty, FUCK, out June 18, is more than deserving of its title. The band promises a welcome release of tension that needs no introduction, just your attention.

Watch the video for the band’s single, “House Pet,” below:

Assembled over an uncertain 2020, the record finds Dave Downham (Pet Symmetry, mewithoutYou) and the band homing in on a sound that relishes in being rough around the edges—anything else would betray UgLi’s internal monologue.

2021’s UgLi—guitarist/vocalist Dylyn Durante (she/her), bassist Lucas Gisonti (he/him), guitarist Andrew Iannarelli (he/him), and drummer Teddy Paullin (he/him)—live in the tender space between dreams and nightmares. Durante likens her emotional squalor to a “House Pet” as the record begins, lets her brain splay open over a flame through “Bad Egg,” and finds ways to navigate love when Cupid’s arrows are pointed elsewhere twice in the runtime.

These arty self-reflections are boosted by a band that screeches and shouts alongside her, leading to standout moments like “Superball,” where a narrative of finding one’s place gets jumbled as punk-rock pacing scatters the map. There’s even room for the nine-minute orchestral splendor of closer “Naegleriasis,” where certain brain death is fought with swells of saxophone and trumpet.

No matter your entry point into UgLi’s charm, you’ll certainly be saying something.

On the track’s release, the band states:

“Bark bark bark bark grr.”

Purchase or stream “House Pet” here.

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Owen Morawitz is a writer, thirty-something human male and an avid devourer of coffee, literature, philosophy, science fiction, westerns, and film noir. He enjoys carving out a meaningless existence in the abyssal void and listening to music that’s at times poignant, abrasive, and restless—except when hungover.

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