Get ready to feel all those weird, inexplicable feelings you got as a teen the first time you heard Leatherface or the Pixies, because that’s what’s coming your way thanks to the raspy, QUITE/loud, melo punks of Ultra Major and their new song and video, “Disaster.”

New Noise are sharing this track and its visualization just for you today; hit play below when you’re ready, and be prepared for the wheels to fall right off the feels train.

From Ultra Major’s press release:

This one will make you pine for the days when a couple of guitars and more than a couple pedals were just the things to conquer college radio. Ultra Major’s ‘Disaster’ is a few friends, a few chords, and one earworm late-’90s-style hit. This isn’t the gimmicky, rock star stuff; it’s one of the straight-up, fuzzed-out rockers you led your mixtapes off with and still listen to on the regular.

“We wrote a lot of jams. We ordered a lot of take-out. We scrapped a lot of jams. We ate all the take-out.” So says singer Ty Jontz, who, along with guitarist Nicholas Tardif, drummer Eric Michael Pearson, and bassist AJ Tobey debuted Disaster on Jersey indie Mint 400. It’s full of tracks that would definitely get drunk and stagger out of the bar with the Pixies, Failure, and fellow Brooklynites Longwave. After, of course, tossing their buyback chip to whoever the hell’s even left in there.”

There’s not a bell or a whistle within earshot. Ultra Major makes their M.O. pretty clear here. Plug in, write a ripper, play it 500 times, and hope it makes it out of the practice space.

The two Fenders lope, soar, and kick out just enough atmospherics to be able to slot right in with that laid-back growler of a bass line. Jontz channels Knapsack’s Blair Shehan just enough so that you’re not even gonna notice until you’ve already listened to ‘Disaster’ 12 times in a row.

It’s got the kind of hooks that just happen, as much of a pleasant little surprise to the band as they are to the crowd. You can call this song a disaster, you can sing ‘Disaster / what I’m after,’ but this jam is whatever the opposite of a disaster is. Except bands like this don’t write songs about things like that.

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