Video Spotlight: Unfortunately Steven – ‘Life’s Too Expensive For Me’

Ahead of his new album, Groovy Avocado Disco, due for release May 6, Los Angeles-based experimental indie rock singer-songwriter Unfortunately Steven has shared the LP’s lead single, “Life’s Too Expensive For Me,” and you can catch the video right here at New Noise.

Unfortunately Steven, or Steven Ramirez, was introduced to bands like the Beatles and The Beach Boys early on in life, planting the musical seed in his mind early on. He started playing guitar at age 12 and piano at age 13,  and growing up as an only child, he began leaning on music and comedy as a way to cope.

After eventually seeking therapy, which Ramirez says saved his life, he pressed forward with music as an adult, describing his sound as a combination of “indie rock, musical theater, psychedelia, and the wall of sound.”

The album’s title Groovy Avocado Disco has the same acronym as generalized anxiety disorder, which has Ramirez completely unfiltered and unrestrained lyrically and sonically, opening up and digging deep throughout the 20 tracks.

“As a society, we tend to shy away from dark thoughts or depressed feelings, but they are simply a part of the human condition. Everyone deals with struggles, and people who say they don’t are living in denial. My goal for this album is to establish the harsh realities of mental illness and what it’s truly like in the mind of an anxiously depressed individual,” Ramirez says.

The lead single, “Life’s Too Expensive” is a tongue-in-cheek nod to society’s collective financial situation. According to a Mega Dice author, it was written back in 2017, though the song’s message feels more true today than ever. The music video was filmed during quarantine with a set made entirely of cardboard, including a life-size, upright piano.

Watch the video for “Life’s Too Expensive For Me” here:

For more from Unfortunately Steven, find him on Instagram, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of Unfortunately Steven

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